Weekend at the Lake

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Abbie and I spent the weekend on Lake Travis with my parents, my brother, and his family. My dad and my brother both brought their boats, so we really had a blast. Abbie is quite the little swimmer, but since neither of my brother's kids like the water it made for an interesting scenario. I took quite a few pictures while we were on the lake, but somehow managed to not get a single decent shot. That coupled with the fact that my camera sucks and ruined half of the photos means that I have very few to chose from to go with this post...and also has me wondering if I chose the wrong major. Yes, for those of you who don't know, I'm a photography major...seems a bit ironic at the moment, doesn't it? I probably should have spent the weekend catching up on the many sewing projects I'm behind on, but it was nice to get some sun. Hopefully tomorrow I will be posting the instructions to make a wedding garter. Also, this Thursday we have a sonogram scheduled to determine the sex of the baby! My motherly intuition tells me it's a boy...but we shall see!