Make room for another...GIRL!

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The awaited day has finally arrived. We had a sonogram this morning and determined that we are having a baby girl. (Sorry little Oliver...maybe next time.) My sister and I joked that our family must just be really good at making there are 6 girls out of all our kiddos and only one boy. Poor Hudson...he's doomed to be terrorized by all these females. Now that I know the sex I have jumped into full preparation mode...

I have so many sewing projects going on right now that it seems almost impossible to finish them...I keep switching from project to project whenever I get bored or overwhelmed. I am making a promise to not post anymore updates about my life until I have posted a tutorial of some sort. Honestly, it looks like the first one will be how to make a crib bumper, and I plan to have it up by tomorrow. I will be posting instructions on how to make an entire set of crib bedding, including the quilt/blanket, bumper, bed skirt, and possibly even curtains.

Also in the making are instructions on how to make a chalk cloth place mat (seen here), as well as fabric crayon holders for traveling/restaurants. So stay tuned, I promise to have a few tutorials up by this weekend.