First things first...

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Ah. My first post. I've always loved reading blogs, and have been somewhat interesting in starting my own for a few months now. Only somewhat, simply because I don't truly think that my ordinary life could be all that amusing to others. When I found out a few days ago that my sister started a blog, the old sibling rivalry kicked in and gave me the motivation I needed to actually get this thing started. I still have the perspective that my stay-at-home-mom life is indeed boring to even me, so I'm adding a spin to the blog by making it craft infused! Ideas for projects and step-by-step instructions will be offered in categories such as sewing/serging, painting, gifts, and anything else I come up with. I'm pretty spontaneous and easily bored, so I tend to jump around between all of my hobbies in order to keep myself occupied. There will, of course, be the occasional rants and raves about motherhood and marriage in addition to any updates of my daily life. So stay tuned, you're in for a treat!