A Whale of a Tale

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After spending a lot of the day yesterday creating cute things for everybody except me, I decided it was time to make something for keeps. I decided to try my luck with appliqué, and it turned out extremely cute. I took a onesie and appliquéd a whale on it for little Oliver (or possibly Olivia. We'll see on Thursday.) It takes a little longer than some of my other projects since all the details are done by hand, but it's really relaxing to just sit quietly and sew without all the racket of the sewing machine. This may turn in to something I do regularly.


C.A.S.A. said...

This turned out really cute!!! I hope you will make Avery something for her birthday (not to add any more stress or projects to your list). :-) I love handmade gifts and yours are always so cute! Can't wait to see your bedding and your other projects you have planned.