Muffin Tin Madness!

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Today I tried out a new lunch strategy that I saw on another blog a while ago (sorry, I can't remember which one, otherwise I would link it). Anyway, the muffin tin lunch turned out to be a big hit. I think it was actually invented in order to get the kiddos to eat a new variety of foods, but it came in handy when I realized just how past due I was for a trip to the grocery store. It made a nice little hodge-podge of foods, and my recently picky eater ate everything (except the pistachios). From top left to bottom right: fruit snacks, pistachios, croƻtons, veggie crackers, beef jerky, and dried cranberries.


Dustin Tibbitts said...

This is brilliant. I will try it with my fussy 3-year-old eater.